Conference Topics

The preliminary conference topics are:


Status, Development, and interoperability of GNSS

Topics: Status and development of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, COMPASS, QZSS, etc..; time systems, coordinate reference systems, signals, infrastructure of networks


Certification and Standardization

Topics: user requirements, authentication, certification of GNSS receivers and applications (e.g., Aviation, driver assistance, inland-waterways), standardization in the field of GNSS


GNSS- Receiver and Antenna Technologies

Topics: Hardware and software-based receiver technologies; receiver front-end systems, antenna arrays, All-in-one receivers (GNSS, WLAN, UWB, etc.), Multi-Constellation receivers, integrity receivers,  algorithmic & software: combined acquisition and tracking methods, multipath and interference mitigation


Specific Navigation Applications

Topics: Search & Rescue, mobile mapping, pedestrian navigation, robust navigation in harsh environments, machine guidance, precision farming, sports, etc.


Space Based Augmentation Systems

Topics: WAAS, EGNOS, QZSS, SDCM, regional and global Integrity


Space Based Augmentation Systems - Applications

Topics: Search & Rescue, mobile mapping, pedestrian navigation, robust navigation in harsh environments, machine guidance, precision farming, sports, etc.


Integrated Navigation

Topics: urban and alpine environment, enhanced availability and accuracy, EDAS applications


Intelligent Transport Systems

Topics: road, rail, maritime, aeronautical, automotive area (driver assistance systems)


Business and Economic Aspects of GNSS 

Topics: User needs and requirements, business models, user acceptance


Non-GNSS Navigation Sensors and Infrastructure

Topics:  Inertial, WLAN, UWB, MEMS Sensors, Optical Aiding, eLoran


Modern Applications and future developments

Topics: robotics, ubiquitous navigation, wearable navigation


Start-Ups, Business Incubation and Technology Transfer 

Topics: Successful transfer of space technologies to non-space sectors; Examples of new start-up companies in Europe.


Integrated Applications

Topics: New applications and services using not only satellite navigation, but also other space technologies such as satellite communications and earth observation.


Location Based Services and Navigable Maps

Topics: Location-Based Services (LBS), Wayfinding/navigation (indoor/outdoor), augmented reality, novel user interfaces and interaction techniques, personalization and context-aware adaption, innovative LBS systems and applications


Indoor Positioning

Topics: High sensitivity GNSS, GNSS indoor, signal strength methods, passive and active RFID, UWB, Optical systems, magnetic localization, TOF and TDOA based localisation, Fingerprinting, Sound-Based systems, etc.



Time & Frequency Transfer

Topics: GNSS signals for time transfer: new satellites, new signals - challenge or chance? Time transfer in GNSS operations; Clocks for GNSS ground and space segment.


GNSS Network RTK

Topics: ambiguity resolution, error modelling, multi-system, multi-frequency models and algorithms, availability and integrity, new models for signal delays, etc..


Precise Point Positioning (PPP)

Topics: integer ambiguity solution, real-time, phase biases, clock corrections, Multi-system, multi-frequency models and algorithms, enhanced accuracy,


Galileo Masters

Topics: Kick-off ESNC 2013 and presentation of the ESNC 2012 award winner


Security and GNSS

Topics: Spoofing, Jamming, Meaconing, etc.


Scientific GNSS Applications

Topics: geodesy, space navigation, space based and ground based atmospheric sounding (space weather, TEC-Models, Weather Forecast, etc.)


Note that the topics above are only preliminary and are subject to change. The final program is scheduled for March 2013.